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A PS1 style horror game made for the secret santa jam 2021.

In Bob's Balloons, you are trapped in an old balloon factory.  Your boss Bob has turned himself and your coworkers into balloons.  You play as Walter, who must find a way to escape, or end up becoming a balloon themself!

This is my first 3D game and I learned a lot making it.  I want to thank all the voice actors that helped me bring this game to life.

scrumbo_ - Voice of Bob

Gio Bogaty/electricmercury- Voice of Walter

Basil A/Starmion- Voice of Red

Zaylen- doot voice

Justin Wood- Voice of the reporter

Alyssa Ferrari- Voice of Kat

TruMan Styles- 911 Operator


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Bob's Balloons 1.0.3A.zip 57 MB
Bob's Balloons Linux 1.0.3A.zip 58 MB
Bob's Balloons Mac 1.0.3A.zip 71 MB

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can i pop balloons?

No there is currently no way to pop any balloons in this game. 



It was indeed a game lol

Pretty cool btw! More silly than scary, but good!



Lmao this was so weird that it became amazing!!


Good game. I'm chased by three balloons. It's so fun


Loved it. The voice acting was top notch!


The artistic style of this game reminds me so much of Baldi's Basics. LOVE THAT aspect. I also appreciate the story behind why we find ourselves in an abandoned balloon factory. Each balloon monster in this game is uniquely different and this game definitely has character! I do have a few nitpicky notes at the end of the video, but overall, VERY ENJOYABLE! Give it a play for yourself!

Thank you for playing!  I addressed the issue you had with the level complete menu with version 1.0.1 now.  Also made Bob talk slightly less, he was supposed to stop talking when he gets bored of chasing you but he wasn't doing that in the old version.


I'm glad you fixed those issues! Very good job on this game though!

Sadly doesn't seem to work on MacOS. 

When I try to open it i just get the message 

“ 'Secret Santa Jam 2021'  is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash."

I was worried this might be the case, sorry about that.  I'll remove the mac version for now.

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damn so scary story ..wait balls 2 ah ..


i was involved in the process of the development and im glad i was a part of this process! Nakina was lovely to work with and the rest of the crew were very nice as well. If i had to give any sort of critscism about the game itself it'd be that maybe make Kat a little faster? And you can also watch her through walls and that negates alot of the tension. And the factory setting itself is a little bland sometimes, i dunno slap some items or tubes on the walls. But this is a jam game, and you did really well for it just being a jam game! I love the diversity of the enemies and their mechanics. (Red was probably my favorite.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this lovely game :)