I was messing around with Defold and eventually figured out how to change text in a gui from a button press and this is the result.  You can press A on your keyboard, left click with the mouse, press a on an xbox one controller, or even touch your screen (on mobile) to make the amount of woots go up.

Version 1.2- You may now press M on keyboard, right click on mouse, or B on an xbox one controller to put on a protective mask so the wooter doesn't get a virus (no option for mobile users currently sorry).  Also, there is now a 30 second timer towards the bottom right corner of the screen.  When this timer reaches 0, all inputs will stop being received.  See how many woots you can get before the timer reaches 0!

Version 1.3- 

The mask is now a toggle so you can take it off or put it on as much as you want, I also added a proper end screen so now you can see your final score better.  I've also added a downloadable version of the source code directly on the project page but you can also still find the source code on github https://github.com/Nakina/The-Wooter

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withDefold
TagsAtmospheric, bad, dumb, stupid, trash


The Wooter 1.3 source files.zip 633 kB
The Wooter 1.3 windows.zip 2 MB


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353, I got the new world record


This is great :D I got 348. Works great on mobile!


I love it. I got 292 woots on mobile, lol!